Enclosure Systems Specialists, Inc. (ESSI) shall consistently deliver functional and responsive products and services that will meet and exceed all aspects of the customer requirements in a professional, timely and efficient manner.


rittal-logoRittal - The System
Faster - better - worldwide.

has continuously evolved into the world's leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services.

Today, "Rittal – The System" offers you a perfectly coordinated system platform. It unites innovative productions, pioneering engineering solutions and global service to accommodate the most diverse requirements. It caters to a whole host of industries, from machinery and plant engineering, to the automotive industry, through to information technology.

All from a single source, all in top quality.



I. Industrial Enclosures

- Small Enclosures
- Compact Enclosures
- Enclosure Systems

IT Enclosure Systems
IT Enclosures
Industrial Enclosures
Small Enclosures
Compact Enclosures
Enclosure Systems
IT Enclosure Systems
IT EnclosuresIT Enclosure Systems
- IT Enclosures
- Industrial Enclosures
- Small Enclosures
- Compact Enclosures

- Enclosure Systems


II. Power Distribution

- Busbar Systems

- Ri4power Form 1-4

- Ri4power ISV Distribution Enclosure

- IT Power


III. Climate Control

- Air Cooling

- Cooling Units

- Liquid Cooling

- IT Cooling

- Enclosure Heater

- Accessories for Climate Control


IV . IT Infrastructure

- RiMatrix S

- IT Enclosure Systems

- IT Enclosures

- IT Power

- IT Cooling

- IT Monitoring

- IT Security Solutions

- Modular Data Center Solutions


V. Software & Services

- CAD Data

- EPLAN Platform

- Configurators

- Planning Software

- IT Management Software

- Consulting Services

- Service

- Technical Support/Hotline


VI. System Accessories

- Base/Plinth

- Base

- Walls

- Baying System

- Doors/Locks

- Roof/Wall Mounting

- Interior Installation

- System Lights

- Voltage Supply

- Cable Management

- 19" Installation

- IT Monitoring

- Human/Machine Interface



Weidmüller develop precisely tailored products for customers and partners throughout the world by consistently implementing innovations.

With Weidmüller products it provides solutions to industries in the Machinery, Process, Energy, Transportation, and Device Manufacturer. Its products address different areas in Automation and Electronics, Connectivity, Device connection technology, Klippon® Protect Enclosure System, Tools, and Systemized Markings.























I. Electronics & Automation

- Remote I/O

- Industrial Ethernet

- Power Supply

- Relays & Solid-State Relays

- Analogue Signal Conditioning


- Circuit Protection

- Surge Protection Devices

-Measuring & Monitoring Systems


II. Connectivity

- Klippon® Connect terminal blocks

- Heavy Duty Connectors

- Power bus system

- Marshalling Solutions

- Sensor-actuator interfaces, cables and circular connectors

- Industrial Ethernet passive

- Service interfaces

- Photovoltaic connectors


III. Klippon® Protect Enclosure System

- Steel Enclosures

- Aluminium Enclosures

- Plastic Enclosures

- Cable Entry System

- Cable Management - Cable Entry System - Cabtite

- Applications


IV. Tools

- Cutting

- Stripping

- Crimping

- Testing

- Pliers

- Automatic Machines

- Accessories

- Screwdrivers


V. Systemized Marking

- Markers

a) Terminal markers

b) Wire markers

c) Cable markers

d) Device markers

- Printer

a) MultiMark

b) PrintJet Advanced

c) MCP Basic 2 and MCP Plus 2 Plotters






“END–TO–END PERFORMANCE”. Peppers maintains a quality management system approved

to ISO 9001:2015 and an Environmental System approved to ISO 14001:2004. Additionally,

the Company holds an extensive range of international approvals incorporating ATEX, IECEx,

UL, CSA, EAC, INMETRO, CCoE, KCS, UATR & SAC as well as marine type approvals by

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), RMRS (Russian Maritime) & Lloyd’s Register.

Our range of approved products are designed and tested for use in Ex d, Ex e,

Ex nR and Ex t hazardous area protection concepts.












I. EXD / EXE Glands

- Elastomeric Seal Cable Glands

- Cable Glands for Flat Cables


II. Barrier & UL Glands

- Barrier Glands

- UL Glands


III. Industrial Glands

- Product Type A

- Product Type E

- Product Type C

- Product Type C***IE*


IV. Approved Accessories

- Locknuts

- Earth Tags

- IP Washers

- Serrated Washers

- O-Rings

- Shrouds






Allied Moulded Products, Inc. (Allied Moulded) is the Contractor’s Choice of nonmetallic electrical boxes

and enclosures in today's residential, commercial and industrial markets. Leveraging more than half-a-century of experience, Allied Moulded has grown to become the benchmark of quality within the

electrical industry.


Allied Moulded offers a full range of residential and manufactured housing products, including:

fiberglass range/dryer receptacle boxes, floor boxes, lampholders, luminaires, and other products.

Designed withboth the electrical professional and the do-it-yourself home owner in mind,

Allied Moulded’s products have earned a reputation for strength, rigidity and innovation.






I. Industrial

- Nonmetallic Enclosures

a) 6x6 to 10x8 Polycarbonate JIC Enclosures

b) 12x10 to 18x16 Polycarbonate JIC Enclosures

c) 6x6 to 9x4 Fiberglass JIC Enclosures

d) 10x8 to 14x12 Fiberglass JIC Enclosures

e) 16x14 to 20x16 Fiberglass JIC Enclosures

f) 24x20 to 30x24 Fiberglass Control Enclosures

g) 6x6 to 18x16 Fiberglass Pushbutton Enclosures

h) 36x30 to 72x49 Fiberglass Empire Enclosures

- Nonmetallic Enclosure Accessories

a) Back Panels - Aluminum

b) Back Panels - Carbon Steel

c) Back Panels - Fiberglass

d) Back Panels - Galvannealed

e) Back Panels - PVC

f) Pole Mount Kits

g) Hinged Front Panels

h) Hole Plugs

i) HMI Cover Kits

j) Inspection Window Kits

k) Ventilators and Filter Assemblies

l) Miscellaneous Accessories


II. Residential Products

- Electric Boxes

- Electric Boxes Accessories

- Electrical Box Covers & Plaster Rings

- Utility Light Fixtures

- Lampholders

- Exteriors Home Siding Boxes

- Floor Box Assemblies